Dare to be Different with Original Designs on Funny Stickers

If you've ever felt like a square peg in a round hole, then know you are not alone. At LostScorpion, we believe that life is far too short to blend in, so we've concocted a collection of funny stickers that are as original and distinctive as you are. From sarcastic quips to mind-bending visuals, our stickers are an ode to the wild, the unconventional, and the delightfully odd. Keep reading to learn more!

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Water bottle and laptop with meme sticker

"You Can Eat Shit For All I Care" Sticker

This vinyl sticker features a provocative and edgy design aimed at conveying a strong message of indifference and defiance. The sticker's imagery of a woman picking up her dog's waste with her bare hand is intentionally crude and shocking, intended to elicit a strong reaction from others.

Donald Trump video game meme sticker on a laptop

"Discount Dennis Hopper" Sticker

Critiquing the 45th president’s self-perception and his frequent declarations of being the best at everything, including being a "presidential" figure, this funny sticker shows Donald Trump’s portrayal as a final boss is not as formidable or impressive as he believes.

Water bottle with mock poster sticker

A LostScorpion Drag Sticker

The "DMT with the Dames" sticker from LostScorpion humorously contrasts the elegant and dignified image of the Dames in the original “Tea with the Dames” documentary with a fictional scenario where they are depicted as partaking in a mind-altering psychedelic experience like DMT. The message of this satirical sticker is one of playful irreverence and absurdity, using parody to challenge the traditional perceptions of these esteemed actresses and the world of high society.

Water bottle with Will Smith meme sticker

“Will Smith Page 404” Sticker

Mixing pop culture references, this funny sticker makes light of Will Smith’s infamous Oscar’s slap by turning Chris Rock into Donkey Kong — a much more formidable foe. In this situation, something had surely gone wrong.

Our funny stickers are a celebration of individuality, a rebellion against conformity, and a reminder that being different is a gift, not a curse. So, go ahead and peel off the mundane, break free from the ordinary, and plaster your world with original LostScorpion designs.

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