Discover the Unique World of LostScorpion's Weird Stickers

If you've ever felt like the world is a nonsensical carnival ride spiraling into chaos, then LostScorpion is for you. We welcome all lost souls and twisted minds into our world of dark, dry, and delightfully bizarre humor that's tailor-made for the misfits, the outcasts, and those who find solace in the shadows. Here are some stickers you can showcase on your belongings.

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Laptop and water bottle with tucker carlson meme sticker

"Probably Tucker Carlson" Sticker

Tucker Carlson loves to hear himself talk. This satirical and sarcastic sticker pokes fun at his sensationalist talking points by drawing tongue-in-cheek parallels between Darth Vader and the far-fetched narratives in Carlson’s head. This time, his words are so out there, they’ve reached a galaxy far, far away!

Alex Jones conspiracy meme

It's A Conspiracy! Sticker

Jabbing the culture of conspiracies and the loudmouth behind so many of them, this vinyl sticker puts Alex Jones in his place. As a figure who is already a caricature of bombastic blowhards.

Water bottle with Trump meme sticker

Antifa Boogeyman Sticker

Scary monsters haunt all of us. For some, that monster is Donald Trump. For others, like the former president, that boogeyman is Antifa and the frightening reality that people didn’t vote to re-elect him. Get this sarcastic, funny sticker today for your laptop and chuckle every time you see it, reminding yourself not to take life's absurdities too seriously.

Pro-Life abortion parody sticker on Halloween-themed background

"Pro-Life" Vintage Horror Sticker

Life’s not always easy. For some, it can be a horror show. Our “Pro-Life” sticker depicts the terrifying nature of the extreme and uncompromising views held by people with a pro-life stance. Highlighting the potential dangers and consequences of imposing strict pro-life beliefs on women, this dark humor sticker depicts the harrowing fears of women faced with restrictive pro-life beliefs.

The LostScorpion collection of weird stickers is an invitation to embrace the unconventional, revel in the unexpected, and find humor in even the most chaotic moments. Get yours today to make the world a little less serious and a lot more fun.

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