Stick It to the Man With These Sarcastic Stickers!

In today’s chaotic world and nightmarish political climate, sometimes sarcasm is the best defense. If you feel like your penchant for dark humor and your ability to crack a sly smile are the glue holding your mental health together, we get it. That’s why LostScorpion offers a selection of beautifully sarcastic stickers that are perfect for letting the world know what you think of it. Check out a few of our favorites below!

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donald trump quote sticker

"You Know A Lot Of People Are Saying" Sticker

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite president and his favorite catchphrase. This bold and brazen sticker has no qualms about getting its message across, making it the perfect accessory for anyone looking to express their opinion. Slap it on a laptop, water bottle, or even your forehead and laugh to yourself as his supporters start crying about how you’re wrong.

donald trump meme sticker

“Did You Rig My Election?” Sticker

If one sarcastic sticker about Donald Trump wasn’t enough, how about a second one? The “Did You Rig My Election?” Sticker features the man himself squaring off against an alligator, asking the befuddled reptile why no one wanted him for a second term. Does the alligator represent a certain Florida governor? Who knows, but you can bet someone will be offended (which means it’s working).

pro-life horror movie sticker

LostScorpion "Pro-Life" Vintage Horror Sticker

Do you feel like the modern era seems more like a horror movie than a progressive utopia? If so, we have the perfect sarcastic sticker for your collection. The "Pro-Life" Vintage Horror Sticker takes inspiration from classic horror movie posters while commenting that today’s society isn’t far off from the fictional dystopias on the screen.

shark attacking governor sticker

“ProNihilist Governor Goes Swimming” Sticker

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including their governor’s contempt for basic human rights. That’s why the designers at LostScorpion made a sticker of him getting eaten by a shark! It’s visually striking and printed on high-quality vinyl, meaning you can display it proudly wherever you go.

Don’t wait until all of our sarcastic stickers are sold out — get yours from LostScorpion today and stick it to the man! We guarantee they won’t like it, which is exactly why you will!

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